Carletonville Kempton Park Insurance Cover Insurance Cover
a) Maximum age at entry will not exceed 64 years for the Policyholder joining. b) Maximum age at entry for Extended is 84 years. c) Scheme covers Policyholder, Spouse and unmarried children less than 22 years of age or 25 years inclusive if the child is at a recognized educational institution in a full-time capacity and is still classified as a Dependant. d) The Policyholder will only use Martins Funerals Carletonville. e) Premiums are payable monthly in advance in full, to ensure cover for the month. Cover commences on the 1st of the month following the date of application, and a membership certificate will be issued on receipt of the first premium.  f) Claims will be settled timeously on receipt of all related documentation required.  g) Failure to submit a claim within 3 months of the date of death will render the claim null and void.  h) Cover will cease automatically upon the non-payment of premium and the policy will lapse. However, the policy can be re-instated by the Policyholder (i) The outstanding premium must be paid within 15 days of the due payment date. (ii) The relevant waiting period/s will begin again from the date of re-start of payments. It is not the responsibility of the Underwriter to cover any Member when premium has not been paid. Premiums are payable lifelong, there are no surrender values and a policy may not be ceded.  i) Mentally, physically and/or permanently and totally disabled children approved by the Underwriter are covered until their death or as long as the Policyholder participates in the scheme.  j) Stillborn births will only qualify for consideration of payment if the following criteria are met: The fetus must have attained a minimum gestation period of 26 weeks of pregnancy and any claim submitted must in addition to the usual claim documentation be accompanied by a form BI-1663, plus a certificate confirming the pregnancy weeks at termination of stillbirth from the attending doctor or gynecologist. k) Common law as well as civil marriages are recognized by the scheme - only one Spouse is allowed as a dependant for the Policyholder.  l) Application forms must be fully and accurately completed by the Policyholder, reflecting full names, dates of birth and identity document numbers for all persons that are to be covered, assisted by the Agent where necessary.  m) Premium rates will be reviewed regularly and may be adjusted at any time based on the actual experience of the scheme but, in general, on the scheme anniversary date.  n) Should it come to the attention of the Underwriter that any of the information provided in this document is not accurate, membership under the policy may be cancelled and no claim under the plan will be considered for payment? (See `Declaration of Health` overleaf) o) Should a claim arise within the first 12 months from date of inception, the Underwriter reserves the right to request a BI-1663 or a medical certificate. The Underwriter also reserves the right to request any additional information that may be required to process a claim. The onus is on the beneficiary to obtain and provide to PFA, both pages of the BI 1663 in the event of a claim. A claim may be withheld if not provided. p) No Policyholder, Spouse, Child / Children, Dependant/s may be listed on any other (or more than one) Prosperity Application Document relevant the same Individual Policy, (I.E. More than one claim payout for the same individual is not permitted). This does not apply to cover R10 001 to R15 000 (two or more policies), or cover R15 001 to R20 000 (two or more policies). Waiting Periods: a. Under 64 years of age 6 months waiting period   b. 65 to 84 years of age 9 months waiting period   c. 84+ years of age 12 months waiting period   d. Suicide 24 months waiting period e. Maximum entry age will not exceed 64 years for the Principal Member joining f. No maximum entry age for either Parents or Extended families Suicide The waiting period for suicide is 2 years Non-natural death: No waiting period applies and the benefit will be paid in full provided the first premium has been received.  Outstanding Premium during Waiting Period: Payment of premiums during waiting period must be continuous. (i.e. No payment can be outstanding or paid late). If a payment is outstanding or paid late, the policy will lapse and the applicable waiting period will start from the date that payments are resumed.  Claims Procedure: In the event of a claim, please contact your Martin`s Funeral Branch. Claim forms will be forwarded to you - please complete these forms, and fax back to the claims department at Martin’s. The claims department will notify you of the status of your claim. All premium payments must have been paid up to date at the time of a claim arising. Please read the policy documentation for full details. Documents required: Certified copies I.D. documents of the deceased; Death Certificate (Death Certificates that state `Unnatural Causes` must be accompanied by a certified copy of the police report and case number).   Compliance Department: If you feel that the Agent, or Prosperity Life has been in any way not complied with the Policy Protection Rules, please contact the Compliance Office at (012) 685-5000 (for PL) or (011) 760-1416 (for Prosperity Funeral Administrators). Replacement of Policies: Replacement of any Insurance is generally to the disadvantage of the proposer because it involves duplication of initial costs charged to the policy. The Policyholder should be fully aware of the possible detrimental consequences of the replacement of an insurance policy. If “replacement is applicable, a Replacement Policy Advice Record should have been completed by the advisor of the new business. Cooling off Period: A policyholder has the right to cancel a policy within 30 days after receipt of the policy documentation. Please notify the service office in writing of cancellation - any premium that has been paid (less administration fee) will be refunded and your policy will be cancelled, provided no claim has been lodged. Declaration of Understanding: 1. The Agent has provided me with satisfactory details of his relevant experience and assisted me in completing the Application Form and in understanding all the terms and conditions as stipulated in this document. I undertake to abide by these terms and conditions. 2. The benefits of this policy have been explained in detail to me and I both understand and desire such benefits. 3. The monthly premium as indicated on this page is affordable within my current monthly budget. 4. The monthly premium shown includes all commissions, fees and administration charges allowed in terms of legislation... 5. I accept and understand the contents of this declaration. (Please ensure you retain a copy of this document)