What to do when a death occurs?  If a person dies at home, contact Martin's Funerals immediately, regardless of if you have a policy or not. We arrange for the medical certificates as well as the death certificates. If you do have a policy, it is important to remember that you decide which undertaker you want to use. (You are the owner of that policy - not the undertaker) Please make immediate contact with your minister or pastor (should you not have a minister, we will arrange this for you).  If a person dies at the hospital, ask the hospital staff to contact Martins, or you may contact us yourself. The attending doctor will issue the medical certificate and Martin's Funerals will arrange for the death certificate. An unnatural death must be reported to the police. The deceased will be taken to the state mortuary where the cause of death is determined. Contact Martin's Funerals to assist you with the identification of the deceased. We then arrange for the necessary documentation and the collection of the deceased.  Decisions you will have to make:  · type of service i.e. burial, cremation, memorial or graveside  · place, date and time of service  · the minister and the organist you wish to be arranged by us  · coffin / casket · whether the family would like to view the deceased prior to the service  · flowers for the coffin and the church  · hymns and special music  · pall bearers and name of persons to deliver eulogy  · funeral notices in newspapers should you require  · photo album of service or not  Required documentation:  · the identity document of the deceased and a family member  · any funeral policy or pre-paid funeral contract, irrespective of who issued it Payment of the funeral account        The person responsible for the funeral account is the one who signs the authorization for the funeral to be conducted. The payment options are as follows  Option 1: Payments in full prior to service. Option 2: Most funeral insurance policies can be submitted to Martin’s Funerals Services and be claimed for on the family’s behalf. There is misconception in the public sector that if you submit your policy book to an alternative funeral service who have not issued the policy, you will not be covered. We at Martin’s Funeral Services have extensive knowledge regarding funeral policies. We are available 24 hrs a day to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to avail yourself of this service in the long run it may save you money